Mosaic Plot Properties

This section describes the Mosaic tab that is associated with a mosaic plot. To access the mosaic plot properties, right-click near the center of a plot, and select Plot Area Properties from the pop-up menu.

The Mosaic tab controls attributes of the mosaic plot. The Mosaic tab is shown in Figure 6.5.

The Mosaic tab contains the following UI controls:

Other threshold (%)

sets a cutoff value for determining which observations are placed into an Others category.


sets the method by which cells are formed from the X and Y variables.

2 way

In this layout scheme, the X variables determine groups, and the mosaic plot displays a stacked bar chart of the Y variable for each group.

N way

This layout scheme is available only if there are exactly two X variables. In this layout scheme, the plot subdivides in the horizontal direction by the first X variable, then subdivides in the vertical direction by the Y variable, and finally subdivides in the horizontal direction by the second X variable.

Show labels for all tiles

specifies whether each cell is labeled with the proportion it represents.

Show labels as

specifies whether a cell represents frequency or percentage.

Figure 6.5: Plot Area Properties for a Mosaic Plot

For a discussion of the remaining tabs, see Chapter 9: General Plot Properties.