Open the Data Set

This chapter analyzes the Hurricanes data set, which is distributed with SAS/IML Studio.

To use the GUI to open the data set:

  1. Select FileOpenFile from the main menu. The Open File dialog box appears. (See Figure 2.1.)

  2. Click Go to Installation directory near the bottom of the dialog box.

  3. Double-click the Data Sets folder.

  4. Select the Hurricanes.sas7bdat file.

    Figure 2.1: Opening a Sample Data Set

  5. Click Open.

The data table in Figure 2.2 appears.

Figure 2.2: The Hurricanes Data

The row heading of the data table includes two special cells for each observation: one that shows the location of the observation in the data set, and the other that shows the status of the observation in analyses and plots. The status of each observation is indicated by the presence or absence of a marker and a $\chi ^2$ symbol. The presence of a marker (by default, a filled square) indicates that the observation is included in plots; observations that are excluded from plots do not display a marker. Similarly, the $\chi ^2$ symbol indicates that the observation is included in analyses. The Hurricanes data initially has all observations included in plots and analyses. See Chapter 4: Interacting with the Data Table, for more information about the data table symbols.