Method Tab

You can use the Method tab to set the options for the analysis. (See Figure 23.3.)

The Method tab contains the following UI controls:

Predict probability of

specifies whether to model the probability of the first or last level of the response variable. For example, if the response variable has levels 0 and 1, then you select Largest ordered response to model the probability of 1. This corresponds to the DESCENDING option in the PROC LOGISTIC statement.

Classification variables parameterization

specifies the parameterization method for the classification variables. This corresponds to the PARAM= option in the CLASS statement. The dialog box supports the GLM, effect, and reference coding schemes.

Estimate scale parameter as

specifies the method for estimating the dispersion parameter. This corresponds to the SCALE= option in the MODEL statement.


specifies the subpopulations on which certain test statistics are calculated. This corresponds to the AGGREGATE option in the MODEL statement.