SAS/INSIGHT Features Not Available in SAS/IML Studio

The following list presents general features of SAS/INSIGHT that are not included in SAS/IML Studio:

  • SAS/INSIGHT can be launched from SAS DMS mode (from the SAS program editor, from the SolutionsAnalysis menu, or from the SAS command line).

  • SAS/INSIGHT shares the libraries and catalogs defined in DMS mode.

  • SAS/INSIGHT automatically recomputes analyses (including curves on graphs) and statistics if data are changed.

  • SAS/INSIGHT supports recording an interactive session for later playback.

The following list presents features of SAS/INSIGHT data views (tables and plots) that are not included in SAS/IML Studio.

  • multiple plots in a single window

  • renewing a plot or analysis

  • GUI support for animation

  • changing the orientation of plots

  • changing the formats of table cells after the table is created

  • saving tables to data sets after they are created

  • changing the attributes of a curve after it is created

  • user-defined formats

  • a Tools window for rapidly changing attributes of markers and curves

  • a mechanism to set a common view range for all plots that display a given variable

  • multiple plots (for example, BY-group plots and scatter plot matrices) in a single window

The following list presents features of SAS/INSIGHT analyses that are not included in SAS/IML Studio.

  • adding or deleting curves, graphs, variables, and tables from existing analyses without explicitly rerunning the analysis

  • group variables for the analysis of BY-groups

  • freezing an analysis for easy comparison with subsequent analyses

  • sliders for interactively varying parameters in models

  • creating a parametric CDF

  • a kernel smoother for scatter plot smoothing

  • maximum redundancy analysis

  • biplots for many multivariate analyses