View Data Sets in a SAS Library

There are two ways to verify that your data were written to a SAS library as you intended. The first way is to use the PRINT or CONTENTS procedure to print information to the output window. Add the following statements at the bottom of the program window, and select ProgramRun from the main menu.

   proc print data=HurrLatLon(obs=10); 

The SUBMIT and ENDSUBMIT statements are discussed in Chapter 4: Calling SAS Procedures. Anything between these two statements is passed from IMLPlus to the SAS System for processing. The result of these statements is to print the first 10 observations of the Work.HurrLatLon data set to the output window.

The second way to view a data set in a SAS library is to open the data set in SAS/IML Studio as explained in the section Open a Server Data Set.