Save Data to a SAS Library

To use the GUI to save data from a data table (or more precisely, from the DataObject that underlies the data table) to a SAS data set in a library on the server:

  1. Activate the data table by clicking its title bar.

  2. Select FileSave As Server Data Set from the main menu. The dialog box in Figure 2.4 appears.

  3. Click a node to see the available libraries for a server. If the SAS System is running on your PC, the server name is My SAS Server.

  4. Click the node for a library. Each SAS/IML Studio workspace has its own private Work library, but other libraries (such as Sasuser) are shared across all SAS/IML Studio workspaces.

  5. Type a valid SAS data set name in the Data set name field.

  6. Click OK.

Figure 2.4: Saving to a SAS Library