Use the GUI to Read a SAS Data Set

A SAS data set can be opened as a client data set if it is accessible by the PC operating system of the computer on which SAS/IML Studio runs. A data set on a USB flash drive, hard drive, CD drive, or DVD drive can be opened as a client data set. So, too, can a data set on a networked PC or a UNIX data set that is accessible through a mounted networked drive. For example, the following can be opened as client data sets:

  • C:\Program Files\SAS\SASIMLStudio\12.1\Data Sets\Hurricanes.sas7bdat

  • \\PC123\Public\Data\climate.sas7bdat

  • U:\SAS Data\patients.sas7bdat

A SAS data set is a server data set if it is in a SAS library such as Work, Sasuser, or Sashelp, or in a libref that you define by using the LIBNAME statement. For example, the following are server data sets:

  • Sashelp.Class

  • Work.Data1

  • MyLib.Research