USER System Option: Windows

Specifies the name of the default permanent SAS library.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window
Category: Environment Control: Files
Default: none
Windows specifics: Valid values for library-specification
See: USER= System Option in SAS System Options: Reference


Required Argument


specifies the default libref, an environment variable, or Windows pathname in which to store data sets that are created during a SAS session. Remember that a pathname is only to the directory or subdirectory level. The value of library-specification must resolve to a valid Windows pathname.


When you specify the USER system option, any data set that you create with a one-level name are permanently stored in the specified library. If you want to create a temporary data set, use a two-level name for the data set, and the first part being Work (for example, work.tempdata).