Using SAS 9.4 Files with Previous Releases

Do not use the CPORT and CIMPORT procedures for regressing a SAS file to a previous release. You experience errors when you try to import the transport file. For more information about transporting files, see Moving and Accessing SAS Files.
If a SAS 9 file is created under a 32-bit platform for Windows, then the file is fully compatible in a Version 7 or 8 session as long as you do not use any new SAS 9 file features that are not supported under Version 7 or 8. SAS 9 files are not supported under Version 6 but are usable after regression to Version 6 format.
To learn about these compatibility issues and the best methods for regressing a SAS 9 file to a previous release, see “Using a SAS 9 File Under a Previous Version of SAS” in the Migration focus area at