ECHO System Option: Windows

Specifies a message to be echoed to the SAS log while initializing SAS.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Log and Procedure Output Control: SAS Log
Default: NOECHO
Windows specifics: all


Required Arguments

ECHO "message"

specifies the text of the message to be echoed to the SAS log. The text must be enclosed in single or double quotation marks if the message is more than one word. Otherwise, quotation marks are not needed.


specifies that no messages are to be echoed to the SAS log.


Messages that result from errors in the autoexec file are printed in the SAS log regardless of how the ECHO system option is set.

Example: Example

For example, you can specify the following:
-echo "SAS System under Windows
       is initializing."
The message appears in the LOG window as SAS initializes.

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