SAS Commands under Windows

Overview of SAS Commands under Windows

During an interactive SAS session, you can issue commands from the command bar, from the command line within a SAS window, from the keyboard, or from the toolbar. SAS supports many commands that help you to navigate your session and to accomplish certain tasks. In many cases, the command is simply another way to invoke an action that you can also accomplish by using the SAS menus and windows. However, advanced users might find the supported commands to be a more efficient way to work. Commands provide a more flexible way to accomplish a task if the parameters of your task are different from what the SAS interface supports.
Most SAS windowing environment commands are described in the SAS Help and Documentation. The commands that are described here have syntax or behavior that is specific to the Windows operating environment.
For more information about issuing commands, see Issuing SAS Commands .

Commands Not Supported in the Windows Operating Environment

The following SAS commands are not supported under Windows:
These commands are not supported under Windows because it is more efficient to use Windows features. For example, the SCROLLBAR command and window sizing commands are not needed in the Windows operating environment as scroll bars and window sizing bars are an integral part of the graphical user interface.