WRTFSAVE Command: Windows

Saves the contents of the current text window to an RTF file.

Windows specifics: all



Required Argument


is a required argument and can include a file path. If you specify a filename without a path, the file is saved in the current SAS working folder. The WRTFSAVE command does not automatically append the .rtf file extension. If you want the resulting filename to end in .RTF, be sure to include it as part of the filename that you specify.

Optional Argument


specifies that if a file with the same filename already exists, that file is overwritten without prompting you with a confirmation dialog box.


The WRTFSAVE command saves the contents of the active window in .RTF format. The contents of the active window must be text. This command performs the same action as the Save As dialog box when you select .rtf from the Save file as type list. However, WRTFSAVE saves the file without displaying an intermediate dialog box.
Note: The WRTFSAVE command does not work with the enhanced editor.