Updates the object based on its current contents or on the contents of a different HSERVICE entry.


CALL NOTIFY(OLE-object-name,'_UPDATE_'<,in-hservice> );


OLE Arguments
Character (C) or Numeric (N)
specifies the name of the HSERVICE entry to use to update the object.
The _UPDATE_ method re-creates an object and updates its contents based on its current attributes. The in-hservice parameter is used only with OLE objects and is the name of an HSERVICE catalog entry. When you specify the in-hservice parameter, the object specified by OLE-object is changed to the object stored in the HSERVICE entry referenced by the in-hservice parameter.
If you use the _UPDATE_ method without specifying in-hservice, the object's contents are updated with the current OLE object source. This process is useful for manually updating a linked object.


In the following example, the object stored in OBJ1 is replaced by the Sasuser.Examples.Sound1.Service object:
length refid $ 30;
call notify('obj1','_update_',