Interrupting Your SAS Session

You can click the circled exclamation point exclamation icon in the toolbar or press CTRL+BREAK to interrupt processing in your SAS session. Depending on what tasks SAS is performing at the time of the interrupt, you can cancel submitted statements or cancel an upload or download request. SAS prompts you with various choices (such as to continue the interrupt or cancel it) in a dialog box.
Note: Depending on what tasks are in progress when you interrupt your session, SAS can require several seconds to stop processing.
SAS also supports the common Windows methods of issuing interrupts: you can click the Control menu icon and choose to close the application, or you can select Close from the pop-up menu for SAS on the Windows Taskbar (or End Task from within the Windows Task Manager). If you use either of these methods, SAS displays a dialog box to enable you to verify your selection. Note that the task might not close until SAS has completed processing.