SYSPRINT System Option: Windows

Specifies a destination printer for printing SAS output.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window
Category: Log and Procedure Output Control: Procedure Output
Default: Default system printer
Windows specifics: all


-SYSPRINT "printer-name"<"destination">

Syntax Description


specifies the name of the printer as it is installed under Windows (for example, “Charlie's HP LaserJet”). You can find the list of installed printers on your system by selecting the Printers item in the Windows Control Panel. The printer-name must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


specifies a filename to write the print file to disk. If specified, then all printer output generated by SAS is routed to this file, overwriting any existing file with the same name. Even though the output is not sent directly to a printer, it is still formatted using the printer driver associated with printer-name. The destination must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


The SYSPRINT system option specifies the destination of a printer where you want to print your SAS output.
If you select a different printer by using the Print Setup dialog box, the value of the SYSPRINT system option (shown by PROC OPTIONS) reflects that selection.
If you do not specify the SYSPRINT system option or the PRTPERSISTDEFAULT system option, the printer-name and destination arguments use the default system printer value.
If PRTPERSISTDEFAULT is specified when SAS starts, the value of SYSPRINT persists from SAS session to SAS session. If both SYSPRINT and PRTPERSISTDEFAULT are specified when SAS starts, the value of SYSPRINT is the printer specified by SYSPRINT.
Modifying print options by using the Windows printing dialog boxes can change the values of SAS printing system options.
If you set printing options using SAS system options such as SYSPRINT, and then use the Windows printing dialog boxes to set printing options, the SAS system options are set to the values specified in the Windows print dialog boxes.