HELPLOC System Option: Windows

Specifies the location of Help files that are used to view SAS Help and Documentation using Microsoft HTML Help.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment Control: Help
Default: (“!MYSASFILES\classdoc” “!sasroot\nls\en\help” “!sasroot\core\help”)
Windows specifics: valid values for pathname


-HELPLOC <(> "pathname-1" <"pathname-2" "pathname-n")>

Syntax Description


specifies one or more directory pathnames in which SAS Help and Documentation files are located. Pathname must be a valid Windows pathname that contains the installed Microsoft HTML Help files. Pathnames must be enclosed in quotation marks. When more than one pathname is specified, use parentheses around the list of pathnames.


Specifying a HELPLOC Value

Specifying a value for the HELPLOC system option causes SAS to insert that value at the start of a concatenated list of values. This action enables you to access the Help for your site without losing access to SAS Help and Documentation.
The default folders !MYSASFILES\classdoc and !sasroot\core\help are used for SAS/AF application Help and SAS Help and Documentation, respectively.
You can use the APPEND and INSERT system options to add additional file specifications.


The following command contains two specifications of HELPLOC:
sas -helploc "c:\app1\help" -helploc "c:\app2\help"
The value of the system option is of the following form:
("c:\app2\help" "c:\app1\help" "!sasuser\classdoc" "!sasroot\nls\en\help" 

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