WAUTOSAVE Command: Windows

Controls how often SAS automatically saves work in the SAS editor windows.

Windows specifics: all



Without Arguments

turns the autosave feature on and resets the autosave timer (so that work will automatically be saved after the defined time interval).

Optional Arguments


specifies to turn the autosave feature on or off.


saves work every certain number of minutes. The default interval is 10 minutes. Specify the interval as an integer.


Use the WAUTOSAVE command if you want SAS to automatically save your work more often or less often than the default interval of every 10 minutes. SAS saves the Program Editor contents to 'pgm.asv' in the current working folder or in the folder specified by the AUTOSAVELOC system option. Contents of the Enhanced Editor windows are saved to the operating environment temporary folder with the filename of 'Autosave of filename.$AS'. You can also set the autosave feature in the Preferences dialog box Edit page.

See Also

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