TOOLLOAD Command: Windows

Loads a specific toolbox.

Windows specifics: all


Without Arguments

loads the toolbar for the active window. The tools are displayed as a toolbar or toolbox, depending on the setting in the Customize tools dialog box.

Optional Arguments


associates the toolbox entry that you specify with the active window, so that the particular set of tools that you load apply only to that window. This association lasts until you close the window. If you reopen the window later, the window reverts to its default toolbar.

If the WINDOW option is not specified on the TOOLLOAD command, the toolbar or toolbox that is loaded applies to all windows that do not have a specific toolset definition stored for them in the Sasuser.Profile catalog. Such specific toolsets must be named to match the window. For example, the Explorer window toolset is named Sasuser.Profile.Explorer. If the WINDOW option is not specified, the toolset definition persists throughout the current SAS session regardless of how many times a particular window is closed and reopened.


controls whether the icons are displayed as a toolbox in a separate window or as a toolbar integrated with the main SAS window.


specifies the catalog entry to load. TOOLBOX is the default catalog entry type.


After the TOOLLOAD command is processed, the specified toolbox is the active toolbox.