Using SAS Features

This section describes errors that you can receive while using features of the SAS language and procedures under Windows. Always check the syntax of the statement or procedure that you are using. Also, if you do not get the results that you expect, check the contents of any external files or SAS files to be sure they are correct.
An interrupt has occurred.
You have canceled a print job by clicking on Abort.
ERROR: Out of disk space for spooling.
Not enough disk space is currently available for spooling a print job. This message implies that no more disk space can be made available.
ERROR: Not enough memory is available for spooling.
Not enough memory is available for spooling. This message implies, however, that more space can become available at some point.
WARNING: SAS option option-name is valid only at startup of the SAS System or startup of an environment within SAS. The SAS option is ignored.
Several SAS system options can be set only in the SAS configuration file or in the SAS command. For more information, see SAS System Options under Windows .
ERROR: Unknown configuration option option-name.
Check your SAS command and SAS configuration file for an invalid SAS system option. For more information about system options under Windows, see SAS System Options under Windows .
ERROR: User terminated the job through the Print Manager.
You terminated (that is, deleted) your print job by using the Print Manager.
Invalid toolbox catalog: catalog-name.
You have tried to load a nonexistent toolbox from a SAS catalog with the TOOLLOAD command. Check the spelling of the toolbox name and the catalog name in the command. You can use the SAS Explorer window to see a listing of a SAS catalog.
No tools defined.
The toolbox that you have attempted to load has no tools defined. You must have at least one tool defined in a toolbox.
Unable to access the specified printer driver.
SAS cannot access the printer driver. Make sure the correct printer driver has been specified by either the SYSPRINT system option or with the Printer Setup dialog box.
Unable to find the printer name.
SAS cannot find the printer specified in the Printer Setup dialog box.