Scheduling the Cleanwork Utility with Microsoft Task Scheduler

Cleanwork can be scheduled to run automatically at a specific time with any of the options specified in the arguments section. Follow these instructions to schedule Cleanwork from the Microsoft Task Scheduler:
  1. Schedule cleanwork to run with the desired options. Refer to the arguments section for the options descriptions.
    1. Select Start and type Task Scheduler.
    2. Select Create Basic Task from the Actions window.
    3. Enter a name and select Next.
    4. Select the frequency and then select Next.
    5. Select a starting date and time and then select Next.
    6. Select Start a Program and then select Next.
    7. Enter the location of cleanwork.exe.
    8. Enter the options (for example, /v volume) in the Add arguments field.
    9. Select Next and then Finish.
    10. Right-click on the new task and then select Properties.
      1. Select the Change User or Group button, in the Security options box.
      2. Enter SYSTEM in the Enter the object name to select window, and then select Check Names. If you do not set user account as SYSTEM, then the taskeng.exe window is displayed. If SYSTEM is set, then the taskeng.exe window is not displayed.
  2. Repeat step 1 to create another configuration for the same program. For example, the user might want to scan the volume once a week, but wants to clean the logs every day or the opposite process. This step is optional.
  3. Create a batch script with the cleanwork.exe path and output–redirection options, if you want to review the output at a later date. This action is a Windows Task Scheduler requirement. For example, create a cleanwork.bat script with the following command:cleanwork.exe /v c: /verbose >c:\temp\cleanwork.log This step is optional.