LIBNAME Function: Windows

Assigns or clears a libref for a SAS library.

Category: SAS File I/O
Windows specifics: behavior of the ' 'libref (a space between single quotation marks)
See: LIBNAME Function in SAS Functions and CALL Routines: Reference


Required Argument


specifies the libref that is assigned to a SAS library. Under Windows, the value of libref can be an environment variable.

Optional Arguments


specifies the physical name of the SAS library that is associated with the libref.


specifies the engine that is used to access SAS files opened in the data library.


names one or more options honored by the specified engine, delimited with blanks.


If the LIBNAME function returns a 0, then the function was successful. However, you could receive a nonzero value, even if the function was successful. A nonzero value is returned if an error, warning, or note is produced. To determine whether the function was successful, look through the SAS Log and use the following guidelines:
  • If a warning or note was generated, then the function was successful.
  • If an error was generated, then the function was not successful.
Under Windows, if you do not specify a SAS-data-library or if you specify a SAS-data-library as ' ' (a space between single quotation marks) or '' (no space between single quotation marks), SAS deassigns the libref.