NUMMOUSEKEYS System Option: Windows

Specifies the number of mouse buttons SAS is displayed in the KEYS window.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Input Control: Data Processing
Default: 3 buttons
Windows specifics: all


-NUMMOUSEKEYS number-of-buttons

Required Argument


specifies the number of mouse buttons, ranging from 0 to 3. If number-of-buttons is 0 or 1, the KEYS windows lists no mouse buttons (because the left, and in this case the only, mouse button is reserved by SAS). If number-of-buttons is 2, the KEYS window lists the right mouse button (RMB), as well as Ctrl + right mouse button and Shift + right mouse button. If number-of-buttons is 3, the KEYS window lists both the right mouse button and the middle mouse button.


Unless you specify the NUMMOUSEKEYS system option, SAS assumes that three mouse buttons are available. If you have a one- or two-button mouse and want the KEYS window to reflect this configuration, specify the NUMMOUSEKEYS system option in your SAS configuration file.