TOOLTIPS Command: Windows

Toggles the Tooltips feature.

Windows specifics: all



Without Arguments

toggles the Tooltips feature on and off.

Optional Arguments


turns the Tooltips feature on.


turns the Tooltips feature off.


Tooltips are the helpful cues that appear over toolbar or toolbox buttons (and over some other controls in the main SAS window) as you position the mouse pointer over them.
The TOOLTIPS command specifies whether the Tooltips text is displayed when you move the cursor over an icon in the toolbox or some other control. If you do not specify ON or OFF, the TOOLTIPS command toggles the text on and off, depending on the current setting.
Note: Do not confuse Tooltips with ScreenTips. ScreenTips display helpful cues for the status bar, the window bar, and tabs in the main SAS window.