Accessing Database Files with SAS/ACCESS Software

SAS/ACCESS software provides an interface between SAS and several database management systems (DBMS) that run under Windows. The interface consists of three procedures and an interface view engine, which can perform the following tasks:
LIBNAME statement
by assigning the engine to a specific database engine, the LIBNAME statement lets you reference a DBMS object directly in a DATA step or SAS procedure, enabling you to read from and write to a DBMS object as if it were a SAS data set.
SQL Procedure pass-through facility
accesses data from several relational DBMSs, including Oracle and SQLServer.
interface view engine
enables you to use descriptor files in SAS programs to access DBMS data directly and enables you to specify descriptor files in SAS programs to update, insert, or delete DBMS data directly.
For more information about using SAS/ACCESS software under Windows, consult SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files: Reference and other available SAS/ACCESS documentation.