JREOPTIONS System Option: Windows

Identifies Java Runtime Environment (JRE) options for SAS.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment Control: Initialization and Operation
Default: -Djava.security.policy=<pathname\filename> -Dsas.jre=(private | public) -Dsas.jre.home=!sasroot\pathname -Djava.ext.dirs=pathname\filename
Windows specifics: all
Changing Java options that affect SAS could cause SAS to crash.
Before you change the settings for the JREOPTIONS option, contact SAS Technical Support to make sure that the Java setting that you want to change does not cause SAS to crash. A best practice is to change only the Java properties for your own Java code.


-JREOPTIONS (-JRE-option-1 <-JRE-option-n> )
JREOPTIONS (-JRE-option-1 <-JRE-option-n> )

Syntax Description


specifies one or more Java Runtime Environment options. JRE options must begin with a hyphen ( - ). Use a space to separate multiple JRE options. Valid values for JRE-option depend on your installation's Java Runtime Environment. For information about JRE options, see your installation's Java documentation.


The set of JRE options must be enclosed in parentheses. If you specify multiple JREOPTIONS system options, SAS appends JRE options to JRE options that are currently defined. Incorrect JRE options are ignored.

Example: Examples

  • -jreoptions \(-Dmy.java.property\)
  • -jreoptions \(-Xmx512m -Xms256m\)