ALTLOG System Option: Windows

Specifies a destination for a copy of the SAS log.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment Control: Files
Windows specifics: destination must resolve to a valid Windows path or filename


Required Arguments

ALTLOG destination

specifies a destination for a copy of the SAS log. The destination argument can be a valid Windows pathname or filename (including device names) or an environment variable associated with a pathname. If you specify only a pathname, the copy is placed in a file in the specified directory, with a name of filename.LOG, where filename is the name of your SAS job. If you are running SAS interactively and specify only a pathname, the log is written to a file named SAS.LOG within that path.


specifies that the SAS log is not copied.


The ALTLOG system option specifies a destination to which a copy of the SAS log is written. Use the ALTLOG system option to capture log output for printing.
To send the SAS log to a printer other than the default printer, use a valid Windows printer name for the destination value.
Using directives in the value of the ALTLOG system option enables you to control when logs are open and closed and how they are named, based on real-time events, such as time, month, day of week. For a list of directives see the LOGPARM= system option in the SAS System Options: Reference.
When SAS is started with the OBJECTSERVER and NOTERMINAL system options and no log is specified, SAS discards all log and alternate log messages.
Note: ALTLOG replaces the following system options from earlier versions of SAS: LDISK, LPRINT, and LTYPE.