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Using Windows System Tools with SAS under Windows

Introduction to Using Windows System Tools with SAS

Advanced users and system administrators can start SAS by using Windows services and monitor SAS by using Windows event logging and performance tools.

SAS supports logging of error messages to the Windows Event Viewer's Application Log. Abnormal termination of SAS tasks (such as an access violation) can be viewed in the Application Log in addition to the SAS Log. Also, informational messages from SAS/CONNECT software can be viewed in the Application Log. For more information, see Event Viewer Application Log.

Using the Windows System Monitor under Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, you can monitor your SAS sessions to obtain the information that you need to diagnose problems and tune your session. For more information, see Performance Tools.

You can start SAS as a Windows service, which enables you to start SAS automatically and to specify recovery procedures if SAS fails. For more information, see Starting SAS as a Windows Service.

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