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Default Key Settings for Interactive SAS Sessions under Windows

Default Key Definitions under Windows

The following table lists the default key definitions for the primary SAS application windows (such as Program Editor, Log, and Output), excluding the Enhanced Editor. Keyboard Shortcuts within the Enhanced Editor lists the default key definitions for the Enhanced Editor. Any other key combination that is not listed in this table is either reserved by Windows or has a definition that you cannot change within SAS (see Keyboard Shortcuts within the SAS Main Window).

If you want to browse or change any of the key definitions that are listed in this table, you can do so by selecting Tools [arrow] Options [arrow] Keys or by issuing the KEYS command.

Default Key Settings for SAS under Windows
Key Default Setting Key Default Setting
F1 help Alt + F1
F2 reshow Alt + F2
F3 end Alt + F3
F4 recall Alt + F11
F5 wpgm Alt + F12
F6 log Ctrl + B libref
F7 output Ctrl + D dir
F8 zoom off; submit Ctrl + E clear
F9 keys Ctrl + G
F11 command focus Ctrl + H help
Ctrl + I options
Shift + F1 subtop Ctrl + J
Shift + F2
Ctrl + K cut (Program Editor only)
Shift + F6
Ctrl + L log
Shift + F7 left Ctrl + M mark
Shift + F8 right Ctrl + Q filename
Shift + F9
Ctrl + R rfind
Shift + F10 wpopup Ctrl + T title
Shift + F11
Ctrl + U unmark
Shift + F12 dmcopylsv Ctrl + W access Explorer window
Ctrl + F1
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + F2
RMB wpopup
Ctrl + F3
Shift + RMB
Ctrl + F11
Ctrl + RMB
Ctrl + F12

Shift + MMB

Ctrl + MMB


  1. RMB is the right mouse button.

  2. MMB is the middle mouse button. (Not all mouse devices have a middle mouse button.)


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