TITLE Statement: Windows

Specifies title lines for SAS output.
Valid in: anywhere in a SAS program
Windows specifics: Maximum length of the title
See: TITLE Statement in SAS Statements: Reference


TITLE <n> <'text' | “text”> ;

Required Arguments

specifies the relative line that contains the title line.
'text' | “text
specifies text that is enclosed in single or double quotation marks.


The TITLE statement specifies title lines to be printed on procedure output files and other SAS output. A TITLE statement takes effect when the DATA or PROC step or RUN group with which it is associated executes. Once you specify a title for a line, it is used for all subsequent output until you cancel the title or define another title for that line.
Under Windows, the maximum title length is 256 characters. If the specified title is greater than the LINESIZE system option, the title is truncated to the line size.