Using TrueType Fonts with SAS/GRAPH Software

TrueType fonts can be used with the WIN, WINPRTx, WMF, EMF, and GIF device drivers, among others. Before you can use a TrueType font to print (other than the default), you must identify its name. To identify TrueType fonts, select Startthen selectSettingsthen selectControl Panel and double-click on the Fonts icon. Truetype fonts will have a double 'T' icon or will have TrueType beside the font.
In SAS/GRAPH programs, you can use the font name to specify a TrueType font with the FONT= or F= option. For example, you can specify the following:
title2 font="arial" 
  'This is TrueType font arial';
Note: You must put Truetype system font names in quotes.
For more information about the FONT= option, such as how to use alternate fonts with hard copy devices and how to make an alternate font the default font, see SAS/GRAPH: Reference.