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Routing the SAS Log and SAS Procedure Output

Attributes of the SAS Log and Procedure Output Files

The physical line size (number of columns per line) and the page size (number of lines per page) of the SAS log and procedure output files depend on the destination of the file. If these files appear on your monitor, then the default line size and page size are derived from the size of your monitor. For example, on a monitor, the default line size is dependent on the window size determined by X resources.

If these files are sent to the system printer or written to a disk file (.LOG or .LIS), then the default line size is 132 characters, and the default page size is 60 lines. You can change these defaults with the LINESIZE= and PAGESIZE= system options. The value of LINESIZE= can range from 64 to 256; the value of PAGESIZE= can range from 15 to 32,767.

Note:   You can change the line size or page size either when you invoke SAS or during your session with the OPTIONS statement.  [cautionend]

The .LOG and .LIS files have the following OpenVMS file attributes:

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