DINFO Function: UNIX

Returns information about a directory.
Category: External Files
UNIX specifics: Directory pathname is the only information available
See: DINFO Function in SAS Functions and CALL Routines: Reference


DINFO(directory-id, info-item)

Required Arguments

specifies the identifier that was assigned when the directory was opened, generally by the DOPEN function.
specifies the information item to be retrieved. DINFO returns a blank if the value of info-item is invalid.


Directories that are opened with the DOPEN function are identified by a directory-id. Use DOPTNAME to determine the names of the available system-dependent information items. Use DOPTNUM to determine the number of directory information items available.
Under UNIX, the only info-item available is Directory, which is the pathname of directory-id. If directory-id points to a list of concatenated directories, then Directory is the list of concatenated directory names.