Contents of the !SASROOT Directory

The !SASROOT directory contains the files required to use SAS. This directory includes invocation points, configuration files, sample programs, catalogs, data sets, and executable files. You do not need to know the organization of these directories to use SAS.
If all available SAS products are installed on your system, the !SASROOT directory contains the files and directories that are listed in the following tables:
SAS Files in the !SASROOT Directory
SAS File
Description of Contents
is the default invocation point for SAS.
enables you to renew your SAS license.
is the SAS file that was used to update the license information.
is the default system configuration file for SAS. This file should not be edited. (See sasv9_local.cfg.)
is the file where user-specified system options should be added. This file overrides the options in the default system configuration file, and prevents the options from being lost when you reinstall or upgrade SAS.
SAS Subdirectories in the !SASROOT Directory
SAS Subdirectory
Description of Contents
contains the invocation scripts for each language listed in the NLS directory. This directory also contains the sasenv script that sets the environment variables that are required by SAS. sasenv_local is the file that you modify. sasenv_local is also the last file that SAS reads when processing environment variables.
contains the subdirectories for a DBCS installation.
contains the admin subfolder, which contains data files and subfolders that are used by sassetup. It also contains registry and sasregord subfolders, which contain data files that are used to build the SAS Registry during installation post-processing.
is a SAS library that contains SAS data sets used by SAS/GRAPH software to produce maps. You receive some maps with SAS/GRAPH software. Additional maps are available in the SAS Map Data Library Series.
contains miscellaneous components. This directory also contains components for various SAS products, such as script files for SAS/CONNECT software and thin client interfaces for SAS/SHARE software. In this directory, the DEPLOYMENT directory contains template files that are required by the SAS installation program. These template files should not be altered. There is also a SASSETUP directory, which contains program scripts that are used by the sassetup utility in !SASROOT.
contains subdirectories for national language and locale support. These directories include DBCS (double-byte character set), DE (–LOCALE German), EN (–LOCALE en_US), ES (–LOCALE Spanish), FR (–LOCALE French), HU (–LOCALE Hungarian), IT (–LOCALE Italian), JA (–LOCALE ja_JP—Primary Japanese encoding), JA.SJIS (–LOCALE ja_JP—Secondary Japanese encoding), KO (–LOCALE ko_KR), NO (–LOCALE Norwegian), PB (–LOCALE pt_BR—Portuguese Brazilian), PL (–LOCALE Polish), RU (–LOCALE Russian), SV (–LOCALE Swedish), U8 (–LOCALE en_US—for UTF-8 support), ZH (–LOCALE zh_CN—Chinese), and ZT (contains subfolders for traditional Chinese fonts supported in SAS). Most of these folders contain a sasv9.cfg configuration file, which makes the NLS-specific content available in SAS when SAS is invoked using the language-specific SAS invocation script. Each language directory contains a SASCFG subdirectory that contains the SAS Registry and SAS Desktop data sets that are generated during installation. This list is a snapshot of the SAS NLS subdirectories for national language support. The list will include support for additional locales when they become available.
contains Perl binaries and libraries that are used by the sassetup program and SAS feature testing tools.
contains sample programs for different SAS products. These programs are organized by product subdirectory, and might not include samples for every SAS product.
contains predefined SAS macros. See Using Autocall Libraries in UNIX Environments.
contains executable files for different SAS products.
is a SAS library that contains online Help files, menus, descriptions of graphics devices, and other catalogs used by SAS procedures that support windows.
contains files that contain all of the messages and notes that are used by SAS.
contains various components of SAS products.
contains files that are used by the SAS feature testing tools.
contains man pages and utility programs. For more information, see The Utilities Directory in UNIX Environments.
contains the files needed to run SAS with the X Window System. These files include bitmap files, online Help files, and resource files.