HFS, UFS, and zFS Terminology

Historically, the term HFS was used to refer to UNIX file systems in general on z/OS as well as to a particular physical file system implementation. However, since IBM has introduced zFS as a functional replacement for the HFS physical file system, the term HFS can be misleading. Therefore, SAS documentation now uses the term UFS to refer to UNIX file systems in general. The terms HFS, zFS, and NFS designate three different physical file system implementations. Except in rare cases, SAS processing for UFS files and directories is identical, regardless of the physical file system implementation.
Your systems administrator, not SAS, controls whether the HFS or zFS implementation is used for a particular file system.
Most occurrences of HFS in the documentation have been changed to UFS. HFS is still used in feature names and in syntax statements and prefixes where it is the correct term. UFS cannot be substituted for HFS in these contexts.
The following table lists the terminology changes that have been made:
Terminology Changes
Old Term
New Term
HFS file system
UFS file system
HFS file
UFS file
HFS library
UFS library
For more information about the UFS file system, UFS libraries, and UFS files, see UFS Libraries.