Macro Statements

The following macro statements have behavior specific to z/OS:
executes TSO commands during an interactive SAS session. It is similar to the TSO statement. For more information, see TSO Statement: z/OS. The %TSO statement enables you to execute TSO commands immediately. It places the operating environment return code in the automatic variable SYSRC. You can use the %TSO statement either inside or outside a macro. The form of the statement is
%TSO <command>;
You can use any TSO command or any sequence of macro operations that generate a TSO command. If you omit the command, your SAS session is suspended and your z/OS session is placed in TSO submode. To return to the SAS session, enter either RETURN or END.
If you execute a %TSO statement on an operating environment other than z/OS, the statement is treated as a comment.
executes TSO commands during an interactive SAS session. The form of the statement is
%SYSEXEC <command>;
Under z/OS, the %SYSEXEC statement works exactly like the %TSO statement. The two statements are different only if you transport your SAS program to a different operating environment. Because %SYSEXEC statements are recognized on multiple operating environments, each operating environment expects commands that are appropriate for that operating environment.