ZDSIDNM Function: z/OS

Returns individual data set names from the variable that the ZDSLIST function created based on an index.
Category: External Files
z/OS specifics: info-item


zdsidnm(variable name, index);

Required Arguments

variable name
specifies the name of the variable that is created by ZDSLIST.
can be derived from the variable that is created by ZDSNUM.


Invoking ZDSIDNM

Use the following method to invoke the ZDSIDNM function:
length xidnm $256;
do i = 1 to 10;
	xidnm=zdsidnm(variable name, index);

Processing Specifics

ZDSIDNM bypasses catalog names that are within the body of the ZDSLIST output variable, such as those that might be inserted as a result of processing a *ALL request.


length xdsn $4096;
xdsn=zdslist(‘catlg’, ‘userID.sas.*’, ‘’, ‘’);
length xnum 8;
length xidnm $256;
do i = 1 to xnum;
	        xidnm=zdsidnm(xdsn, i);
The output format of the ZDSIDNM function is a character variable that contains a data set name and a member list, if one exists in the ZDSLIST output variable.