PRINTTO Procedure: z/OS

Defines destinations for SAS procedure output and the SAS log.
z/OS specifics: UNIT= option; output destination


In the SAS CLIST, in the SASRX exec, and in the SAS cataloged procedure that are supplied by SAS, no filerefs of the form FTnnF001 are predefined for the UNIT= option. Ask your SAS Installation Representative whether your site has predefined ddnames of the form FTnnF001.
Under z/OS, the destination of the procedure output or the SAS log can be specified by either of the following:
sends the log or procedure output to a sequential data set or member of a partitioned data set that is identified by the fileref.
sends the log or procedure output to one of the following locations:
  • a sequential data set
  • a member of a partitioned data set
  • an extended partitioned data set
  • a file in a UNIX System Services hierarchical file system.
The following restrictions apply to PROC PRINTTO under z/OS:
  • When writing log or procedure output files to a partitioned data set member, you must specify the NEW option; you cannot append data to a partitioned data set member.
  • LOG files that are generated on z/OS and captured with PROC PRINTTO contain an ASA control character in column 1. If you are using the INPUT statement to read a LOG file that was generated on z/OS, you must account for this character if you use column input or column pointer controls.
  • If you create a file to be used with the PRINTTO procedure and specify a record format that has no carriage-control characters, the PROC PRINTTO output will not include carriage-control characters.
  • In order to simultaneously route both the SAS log and procedure output files to partitioned data set members, the members must be in different partitioned data sets.

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