ENGINE= System Option: z/OS

Specifies the default engine to use when assigning direct access SAS libraries.
Valid in: Configuration file, SAS invocation
Default: BASE
z/OS specifics: Valid values for engine-name
See: ENGINE= System Option in SAS System Options: Reference



Required Argument

For information about SAS engines, see SAS Library Engines.


When you assign a SAS library that is not currently assigned within the SAS session, if the engine is not specified on the assignment request, then SAS has to determine which engine to use to process the library. If the library already exists, and if its engine format can be determined, then SAS uses the newest engine that is compatible with the format of the library. Otherwise, if the engine format of the library cannot be determined, then SAS selects an engine to use by default. If the assignment request specifies a device or type of library that supports random access, then SAS uses the engine that is specified by the ENGINE system option. Otherwise, SAS uses the engine that is specified by the SEQENGINE option.
The ENGINE option supplies the default value when the library assignment specification refers to one of the following conditions:
  • a z/OS data set on disk that is not cataloged
  • an empty z/OS disk data set with DSORG=PS specified and for which RECFM=U is not specified.
  • A UFS directory that contains members of multiple engine formats that are different

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