SYSTASK LIST Statement: z/OS

Lists asynchronous tasks.
Valid in: Anywhere
z/OS specifics: All


SYSTASK LIST <_ALL_ | taskname> <STATE> ;

Optional Arguments

specifies all active tasks in the system. A task is active if it is running, or if it has completed and has not been waited for using the WAITFOR statement on the remote host that submitted the task.
displays the status of the task, which can be Start Failed, Running, or Complete.
requests information for one remotely submitted task. If the task name contains a blank character, enclose taskname in quotation marks.


Task names can be listed with the SYSTASK LIST statement. These task names are assigned on other hosts and are supplied to the z/OS SAS session via RSUBMIT commands or statements in SAS/CONNECT software.
The preferred method for displaying any task (not just SAS/CONNECT processes) is to use the LISTTASK statement instead of SYSTASK LIST. For more information about LISTTASK, see LISTTASK Statement in SAS/CONNECT User's Guide.

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