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Initializing and Configuring SAS Software

Transporting SAS Data Sets between Operating Environments

SAS supports three ways of transporting SAS data sets between z/OS and other SAS operating environments: the XPORT engine, the CPORT and CIMPORT procedures, and SAS/CONNECT software, which is licensed separately. The process of moving a SAS file to or from z/OS with the XPORT engine or with the CPORT and CIMPORT procedures involves three general steps:

  1. Convert the SAS file to the intermediate form known as transport format.

  2. Physically move the transport format file to the other operating environment.

  3. Convert the transport format file into a normal, fully functional SAS file, in the format required by the other operating environment.

For further information about the XPORT engine and on the CPORT and CIMPORT procedures, including limited restrictions, refer to Moving and Accessing SAS Files.

SAS/CONNECT software enables you to move files between operating environments without using the intermediate transport format. For further information about SAS/CONNECT, including limited restrictions, refer to Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE.

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