SGDESIGN Procedure

Overview: SGDESIGN Procedure

The SGDESIGN procedure produces a graph from one or more input SAS data sets and a user-defined ODS Graphics Designer (SGD) file. The SGD file is created with the SAS ODS Graphics Designer application.
Here is example output:
Example PROC SGDESIGN Output
Example PROC SGDESIGN Output
In the example, the data columns and title text are provided dynamically with the DYNAMIC statement.
By default, the SGDESIGN procedure uses the data set or data sets that are currently defined in the SGD file. If the SGD file has been defined with dynamic variables, then you can substitute a different value for a variable by using the DYNAMIC statement. For more information, see Dynamic Variable Concepts.
Note: The procedure applies the style of the active destination rather than the style that is currently defined in the SGD file.
For complete instructions on creating SGD files, see SAS ODS Graphics Designer: User's Guide.