Overview of SAS Statements That Are Used with ODS Graphics Procedures

The SAS ODS Graphics procedures support these statements in addition to statements that are unique to each procedure:
processes your data by using one or more classification variables, and produces a separate graph for each unique combination of values.
associates SAS formats or user-defined formats with variables.
adds footnotes to your graphs.
associates descriptive labels with variables.
enables you manage the settings for your graphics output.
adds titles to your graphs.
selects observations from SAS data sets that meet a particular condition.
The ODS GRAPHICS, TITLE, and FOOTNOTE statements are global statements. That is, they can be specified anywhere in your program and they remain in effect until you explicitly cancel or change them. The BY, FORMAT, and LABEL statements are associated with a specific procedure step.
Note: Some of the statements that can be used with traditional SAS procedures are not used with the ODS Graphics procedures.