What's New in SAS/GRAPH Network Visualization Workshop 2.1


SAS/GRAPH Network Visualization Workshop includes a number of general enhancements, improvements to the user interface, graph enhancements, new samples, and product Help.

General Enhancements

  • Project files enable you to save the style, the data tables, and the graphs that are associated with a node-link project. SAS/GRAPH Network Visualization Workshop retrieves these items when you reopen the project.
  • The following improvements affect performance and operation:
    • use of a robust statistical graph drawing engine that is also used by SAS/GRAPH, SAS Enterprise Guide, and other SAS applications
    • performance improvements to the force-directed network layout (starting with Phase 2)

Improvements to the User Interface

  • You can enable automatic scrolling to an observation that is selected in a table. When you select observations in network or statistical graphs, the corresponding observations are also selected in one or more of the data tables. This feature eliminates the need to scroll down manually to the selected observations.
  • The right-click menus for the different views have been expanded with more options.
  • Selection mode usage has been changed to be more consistent with other SAS applications. Local selection mode is configured using the Data menu, and table views have the same behavior as graphs.
  • Additional icons in the toolbar facilitate the use of the SAS/GRAPH Network Visualization Workshop tools.
  • A new Welcome dialog box appears when users first start SAS/GRAPH Network Visualization Workshop. From this dialog box, users can create a new project, open an existing project, or view a Getting Started topic.
  • The dialog boxes that are used for specifying variables and variable attributes are easier to use. These improvements make it easier to do the following:
    • select the data variables to be used to create a statistical graph
    • specify various node and link attributes (for example, the variables used for node identification, link origin, and link termination) for a network graph

Graph Enhancements

  • Support has been added for several new graph styles, which enhance the appearance of graphs. (The default style from the last release is available as the NV Classic style.)
  • The following have been added to the list of statistical graphs that you can create in SAS/GRAPH Network Visualization Workshop:
    • pie charts
    • three-dimensional scatter plots

Samples and Help

  • Several sample projects and data sets are included with SAS/GRAPH Network Visualization Workshop. The samples are located in the Samples directory of your installation. You can explore the samples and create network graphs to investigate the data.
  • Product Help is available from the Help menu. A user guide has been incorporated with the Help to provide complete instructions for visualizing network data. The user guide also explains how to use the sample data and describes several sample use cases.