Resolving Differences between Graphs Generated with Different Technologies

Graphics output that is rendered with one of the Java or ActiveX devices is rendered using Java or ActiveX technology, and graphics output that is rendered with other devices such as PNG, GIF, or SVG is rendered with SAS technology.
Because of technological differences between SAS, Java, and ActiveX, output generated with these different technologies might differ from each other even if the output is generated with the same SAS procedure code. The graphs might differ in appearance, in the default values used for certain options, or in the availability of certain features.
For example, differences might occur if you are using a global statement or procedure option that is not enabled for an applet or control. Most global statement and procedure options are fully supported by the Java and ActiveX device drivers. Exceptions are identified in the procedure and statement documentation and summarized in Summary of ActiveX and Java Support.
In certain cases, differences between graphs can occur when an applet or control overrides the default value of a procedure option. To resolve this issue, specify a value for the option rather than relying on the default. For example, consider a bubble plot that is being displayed in the Graph applet. The default bubble size is 5. The Graph applet overrides that default with a larger bubble size. To apply a bubble size of 5, specify BSIZE=5 in the BUBBLE statement, rather than relying on the default value of the BSIZE= option.