Controls when the graphics stream file (GSF) is closed when you are using the device driver to send graphics output to a hard copy device.
Used by: GOPTIONS statement, GDEVICE procedure, GDEVICE Host File Options window
Default: DRIVERTERM (if a device is specified)
Restriction: not supported by Java or ActiveX
See: Specifying the Graphics Output File Type for Your Graph



Parameter Values

closes the GSF and makes it available to the device after all graphs have been produced and the procedure or driver terminates. A host command might be needed to actually send the GSF to the device. Host commands can be specified with the DRVINIT or DRVTERM parameters or entered in the Host File Options window of the device entry.
If multiple graphs are produced by a procedure, this specification creates one large file. Specifying DRIVERTERM is appropriate for batch processing because it is slightly more efficient to allocate the file only once.
closes the GSF after each separate graph is produced and releases it to the device before sending another. This method creates smaller files if multiple graphs are produced by a procedure. You can specify a command that sends the graph to the device with the POSTGRAPH parameter or use the Host File Options window.
Specifying GRAPHEND is appropriate for drivers that are used interactively, or for devices that require only one graph per physical file.