Controls the length of records written to the graphics stream file (GSF).
Used by: GOPTIONS statement, GDEVICE procedure, GDEVICE Host File Options window
Default: device-dependent
Restriction: not supported by Java or ActiveX



Parameter Values

must be a nonnegative integer up to five digits long (0...99999). GSFLEN= specifies the length of the records written by the driver to a GSF or to the device.
If GSFLEN is 0, SAS/GRAPH uses the sixth byte of the PROMPTCHARS string to determine the length of the records. If the sixth byte of the PROMPTCHARS string is 00, the device driver sets the record length.
If you specify GACCESS=SASGAFIX and omit GSFLEN=, SAS/GRAPH uses the default length for the device.
Some values of the GPROTOCOL device parameter cause each byte in the data stream to be expanded to two bytes. This expansion is done after the length of the record is set by GSFLEN. If you are specifying a value for GPROTOCOL that does this (for example, SASGPHEX, SASGPLCL, or SASGPAGL), specify a value for GSFLEN that is half of the actual record length desired. For example, a value of 64 produces a 128-byte record after expansion by the GPROTOCOL module.