Specifies the information required by SAS/GRAPH routines to determine the nature of the output device.
Used by: GDEVICE procedure, GDEVICE Host File Options window
Default: device-dependent



Parameter Values

is a string eight characters long containing either blanks or some token name that is interpreted by the host. Device-type can be:
indicates that the output device is a graphics device that will be receiving graphics data; most device drivers use this value.
indicates that the output device is an IBM 3270 graphics data stream. If your device is an IBM 3270 type of device, DEVTYPE= must be G3270.
Note: GTERM and G3270 are SAS/GRAPH device types. Other valid values depend on your operating environment. DEVTYPE supports any of the device-type values supported in the FILENAME statement. Refer to the SAS Help facility for the device types the FILENAME statement supports in your operating environment. In most cases, this field should not be changed.