Compatibility Device Drivers (Z Drivers)

Several devices are intended primarily to provide compatibility with previous releases of SAS/GRAPH. These devices are named Zdevice, where device is the name of the device in previous releases.
  • The following devices ignore the FONTRENDERING= system option and force host font rendering (see Changing the Appearance of Output to Match That of Earlier SAS Releases): ZGIF, ZGIF733, ZGIFANIM, ZJPEG, ZPNG, ZSASBMP, ZTIFFB, ZTIFFBII, ZTIFFBMM, ZTIFFG3, ZTIFFG4, and ZTIFFP.
  • The following devices support printer-resident fonts only: ZPCL5, ZPDF, ZPDFC, ZPSCOLOR, ZPSEPSFC, ZPSL, and ZPSLEPSF. They might not work well with ODS styles because they do not support TrueType fonts, which are used by the styles.