Setting the SAS_ALT_DISPLAY Variable for X Window Systems on UNIX

You might need to define a special environment variable, SAS_ALT_DISPLAY, because some server features require a valid X Windows System graphics display. This environment variable will be used to locate a graphics display when the value of the environment variable commonly used by the X Window System, DISPLAY, has not been set. The value of SAS_ALT_DISPLAY must refer to a display that will always be available during the operation of a SAS server. For example, if the server machine on which SAS servers are running also runs an X server, then set the value of SAS_ALT_DISPLAY to the name of the server machine. To set the SAS_ALT_DISPLAY environment variable, edit the file !SASROOT/bin/sasenv and substitute your display name for value:0.0 in the line,
If an X server is not available on the server machine, an alternative is to use the X virtual frame buffer (Xvfb) as supplied by the operating system vendor. Refer to your vendor-supplied documentation for information about the use of Xvfb.