SAS Data Sets

Many SAS/GRAPH procedures use and create SAS data sets. SAS data sets are files stored in SAS libraries and can be either temporary or permanent.
When you create a SAS data set, it is stored automatically in the WORK library. Unless you specify a different library, the WORK library serves as a temporary holding place for all the data sets you access and create. The WORK library exists for the duration of a SAS session. By default, the WORK library and all the data sets stored in it will be removed after the SAS session ends.
You can also create permanent SAS libraries that can be saved in a specified location on your computer. Permanent libraries are not deleted when the SAS session terminates and are available for processing in subsequent SAS sessions.
For more information about SAS data sets and other data processing details, see SAS Data Sets in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.
For a complete discussion of SAS data set options and SAS system options, see SAS Data Set Options: Reference and SAS System Options: Reference.